Ocean Grande

The new Ocean Grande is Techo-Bloc’s latest dry cast slab using a new high-definition technology that provides an extremely tight surface texture with pores that are virtually invisible. This 60 mm thick slab is 19 ½’’ x 32 ½’’ and designed with very thin joint spacing for a seamless look that lets the slab’s texture be the real star of the show. The Ocean texture is a first of its kind and was inspired by the veins left behind on sandy ocean shores. Perfect for pool decks and patios, this innovative concrete surface is slip-resistant and stays cooler under the feet on hot summer days due to its unique relief and light color pallet.

For color selection and layouts please visit the Techo-Bloc website.

2 3/8 x 19 1/2 x 32 1/2

oceangrande slab 2d ocean grande slab hd2 greyed nickel.tif 02 csiocean grande slab hd2 beige cream