New England Round Stones

New England Round Stone stands out as a quintessential natural stone, boasting a diverse array of colors that harmonize seamlessly with any New England landscape. Typically ranging from 4 to 16 inches in diameter, the palletized stones weigh around 2800 lbs on average. However, bulk deliveries or custom pallets can accommodate much larger stones. These round fieldstones are frequently employed in retaining walls or water gardens, offering an ideal combination of shapes and textures for a rustic, weathered look. Larger stones serve as striking accents within mulch beds, adding character and charm to outdoor spaces.

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Sturdy New England Round stones, ranging from 3 to 16 inches in diameter, are each manageable by a single person. These Fieldstones, sourced naturally from the New England landscape, undergo careful selection to ensure top-notch quality. Ideal for constructing rock walls or enhancing garden landscapes, these perfectly rounded stones are available for purchase either by the pound or in full pallets.

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