Mini Colonial Wall

Add a small-scale landscape barrier that makes a big impression with these double-sided wall blocks that have a traditional look and sturdy modern construction.
  • 3″h x variable length wall faces
  • Hard-split rock face texture
  • 35 square feet per pallet
  • Tapered sides
  • Solid block
  • 6” Colonial Wall Compatible

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With the Mini Colonial Wall, you can build smaller walls and structures to suit the unique needs of your landscape. These 3-inch outdoor wall blocks have the same designs as Nicolock’s other Colonial Wall systems, but allow for lower barriers along gardens and walkways. The hard-split rock face texture is double-sided to construct freestanding walls that look great from every perspective.

Like all of Nicolock’s wall systems, the Mini Colonial Wall blocks are manufactured in the U.S. with a precise process that creates consistent, durable and colorful stones. The 3-inch stones also work in tandem with the 6-inch stones for an authentic irregular look.