Pangaea’s Metropolitan collection creates a visually impactful and seamless surface with fewer grout lines, resulting in a more uniform appearance. Mix smooth surfaces with rough or matte finishes to create visual intrigue and tactile appeal, or combine different types of natural stone and textures for a dynamic and layered look.


Available Heights: 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ (≈51, 102, 152, 203, 254 mm)

Length: 24″ (≈610 mm)

Thickness: Average 1” (≈25 mm)

Corners: Available

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Black Rundle          Broadway Split Face          Broadway Textured

Black Rundle Natural Metropolitan         Broadway Split Face Metropolitan           Broadway Textured Metropolitan

Cambrian Split Face          Cambrian Textured          Chinook Split Face

Cambrian Split Face Metropolitan           Cambrian Textured Metropolitan             Chinook Split Face Metropolitan

Chinook Textured          Kings Point Split Face          Kings Point Textured

Chinook Textured Metropolitan                Kings Point Split Face Metropolitan         Kings Point Textured Metropolitan

Westcoast Natural          Westcoast Textured          Yukon Split Face

Westcoast® Natural Metropolitan             Westcoast® Textured Metropolitan           Yukon Split Face Metropolitan

Yukon Textured

Yukon Textured Metropolitan