Cambridge Pre-Cut & Pre-Packaged MaytRx Bar Module Kit

This style comes complete with 2 pallets of MaytRx 6 Wallstones and a top of the line 30″ Bull™ Bar Center package set in a polished granite countertop in a choice of Black Uba Tuba or Venetian Gold. The finished bar also features a footrest that wraps around three sides. Ready to install… absolutely NO cutting necessary. Step-by-step instructions in English and Spanish included. Dimensions: 92″ long, 43″ deep, and 42″ high. MaytRx Split Face Sahara/Chestnut with Venetian Gold granite shown.

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Stainless Steel Bar Center Package Includes…

  • Bar Caddy Complete With Sink And Long Neck Coldwater Faucet, Plus Convenience Features Comprised Of An Ice Compartment, Removable Cutting Board, Condiment Holder With Four Compartments, Speed Rack, Towel Holder, And Bottle Opener
  • Refrigerator
  • Cabinet Access Door