Massarelli Garden Statues

Massareli Garden Statues are the perfect gift. We stock Airforce, Army, Marines, and Navy statues. They look wonderful in front of property, on a porch, or as a patio accent. We can order any statue you find on the Massarelli website.

Camosse wants to say thanks all of our military service members. We appreciate you all so much.

Inquire about Military discounts, ID verification required.


Massarelli Statuary makes the greatest garden statues we’ve found. The military statues are perfect for any veteran or military enthusiast. Call us today to inquire about military discounts, ID verification required. These are concrete statues and may feature bronze paint.

Military Statues

Massarelli Military Garden Statues

Each branch features the full dress uniform and includes an American flag. Available in Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. Thank you so much to our veterans and currently enrolled military members.

Religious Statuary

With gorgeous finishes, Massarelli created some of the best religious statues available. Perfect for any church, avid church goer, and faithful person. They make an amazing accent to any patio or house.

Available in Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Michael, St. Joseph, and St. Jude.

Massarelli garden statues are the perfect accent to finish your patio or front yard. Call Camosse today for a quote. We can order first responder, animal statues, or any statue you find on the Massarelli site as well.

Massarelli garden statue specifications

Air Force H:27″ W:10.25″ L:7″ B:7″ sq 34
Army H:26″ W:10.25″ L:7″ B:7″ sq 36
Coast Guard H:26″ W:10.25″ L:7″ B:7″ sq 33
Marines H:27″ W:10.25″ L:7″ B:7″ sq 37
Navy H:26″ W:10.25″ L:7″ B:7″ sq 33