MASCO™ – Setting Underlayment

SILPRO Masco™ is a polymer-modified, Portland cement-based mortar used for patching, resurfacing, and leveling floors. It can serve as a wearing surface or as an underlayment for carpet, tile, wood, sheet goods, athletic surfaces, etc. The specially formulated Masco powder is mixed on the job with SILPRO C-21 All Acrylic® admix. Masco™ provides a tough, resilient surface that is highly resistant to abrasion and impact, and can withstand extreme fluctuations of temperature. Use it indoors or outdoors, above or below grade, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and in areas that may become totally submerged.

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Performance Characteristics:

  • Thickness: Featheredge to ½” inside, featheredge to ¼” outside
  • Excellent adhesion: Masco bonds readily to new and old concrete, wood, plywood, cement plaster, stone, and clean steel
  • Superior strength: Permits featheredging or thin patches on clean surfaces without the need for special preparation like roughening or cutting edges square
  • Resistance to abrasion: The abrasion resistance and high density of Masco make it an ideal patching and resurfacing material for high traffic and work areas. Performs exceptionally
  • well under forklift traffic. Even broom textured, non-skid finishes receive extended life
  • Resistance to freeze/thaw lifting: Since Masco has the same coefficient of expansion and contraction as the concrete to which it is bonded, it resists lifting, spalling, or crumbling after freeze/thaw cycling or extremes of high or low temperatures
  • Increased resistance to de-icing salts
  • Short curing time: Most new or repaired surfaces of Masco can be put into service within 24 to 48 hours