Ultra-modern or timeless, whatever your concept, this profile suits any interior or exterior application. Ledgestone adds a unique quality with a classy modern edge.


Length: Up to 18” (457 mm)

Height: Up to 5” (127 mm)

Corners: Available

Thickness: Average 1” (25 mm)

Weight: Up to 13 lbs/ft² (63 kgs/m²)

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Black Rundle          Cambrian          Chinook

Black Rundle Ledgestone                            Cambrian Ledgestone                                    Chinook Ledgestone

Copper Canyon          Grigio          Lancaster

Copper Canyon Ledgestone                        Grigio Ledgestone                                            Lancaster Ledgestone

New England          Providence          Tuscan

New England Ledgestone                             Providence Ledgestone                                 Tuscan Ledgestone


Westcoast® Ledgestone