Type N

Masonry cements are composed of portland cement, plasticizers, and air entraining additives. These components are proportioned at the cement plant under controlled conditions to assure uniformity of performance.

Lafarge Mortar Cement is suitable for all masonry construction, especially projects that require higher flexural bond and compressive strengths. Superior performance extends to such key areas as durability, weather resistance and aesthetics.

In independent testing, mortars made with Lafarge Mortar Cement exceeded the flexural bond strengths required in: ASTM C 1329 Standard Specification for Mortar Cement; International Building Code Standard 2103.7 Mortar and CSA-A3002 Masonry and Mortar Cement.

They also achieved flexural bond and compressive strengths that meet all seismic zone requirements – enhancing structural stability and maintaining the margin of safety.

Product claims are based on proper use in accordance with recognized industry standards. Please contact your Lafarge Cement representative for specific product information, availability, and ordering.

This cement is suggested for use in mortars for exterior, above grade non-load-bearing walls and interior non-load-bearing partitions.