Irregular Bluestone – Blue Natural Cleft

Flagstone, a flat stone commonly employed for slabs, walkways, patios, and fences, finds versatile applications in constructions such as memorials, headstones, and facades. The term “flagstone” traces its origins to Middle English, where “flagge” referred to turf, possibly influenced by the Old Norse “flaga,” denoting a slab or chip.

This sedimentary rock splits naturally into layers along bedding planes, typically manifesting as a form of sandstone rich in feldspar and quartz, characterized by an arenaceous grain size. The binding material for flagstone commonly comprises silica, calcite, or iron oxide, with the rock’s color deriving from these cementing elements. While red, blue, and buff represent typical flagstone colors, exotic hues also exist.

Flagstone quarries are often found in regions with bedded sedimentary rocks featuring fissile bedding planes. Examples include Arizona flagstone and Pennsylvania bluestone. In contemporary applications, flagstone remains a popular choice for flooring, gracing both exterior and interior spaces such as foyers, pools, decks, paths, and various innovative settings.

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