Industria Triangle Granitex Pavers

This modern triangle-shaped paver, available in five alluring colors, is sure to become a popular choice amongst homeowners looking to boost their curb appeal or up their backyard landscape. The Industria Triangle’s basic yet bold shape opens the door to endless design possibilities: from classic linear patterns to more eclectic mosaics, your outdoor space will surely take center stage. The Granitex finish provides a granular texture that is highly slip-resistant, making it the perfect paver for walkways, driveways and pool sides. Its unique shape, various colors, de-icing salt resistant characteristics and 100mm height makes this concrete paver the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a truly unique and durable design. Often combined with the Smooth or Polished finish to create contrasting and eye-catching mosaics, the Industria Triangle will elevate your outdoor space to showstopper level for years to come.

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