Holland Stone

A classic brick shape with a flat surface and chamfered edges. Versatile for many residential and commercial projects. Available in 3-1/8” thickness for special order.
  • 120 square feet per pallet
  • 3,100 lbs per pallet
  • Can be used as field paver or as a border

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Nicolock’s Holland Stone pavers instantly turn your walkway or driveway into a showstopper. Made with their patented paver-shield™ technology, Holland Stone paving stones come in a vibrant array of colors to match any aesthetic.

Created with our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Holland Stone provides strength and durability to go alongside a pleasing view. These paving stones come with the most color selections in the industry with a deep, rich color throughout the entire paver. Nicolock’s fade-resistant technology ensures these pavers keep their bright and unique colors created using a superior color blending technique.

Holland Stone comes in the traditional brick shape with a flat surface and chamfered edges. One pallet can cover 120 square feet of surface area with the pavers aligned in a variety of pleasing patterns. Nicolock Paving Stones has earned a reputation for their outstanding paving stone quality and color that homeowners can use to create a visually dynamic presentation and give their home additional personality.