ProLine Pavement Heating Systems

Heated Driveways and Walks

ProLine Radiant offers a wide range of options for heating driveways, sidewalks, steps, ramps and more. Snow melting systems are easy to customize and install. Each ProLine system includes complete system design and layout services, installation support and free installation training courses.

Roof De-icing

Low-Voltage Roof Heating

ProLine’s low-voltage roof heating system utilizes unique, thin polymer heating elements that are easily installed under shingles to provide efficient snow melting in roof valleys and edges.
Self-Regulating Heat Cable ProLine’s self-reg heat cable is an industry leader that can be installed along roof edges and in gutters and downspouts.

Electric heated driveways are fully automated, activated by a high-tech snow sensor that activates the snowmelt system when it detects precipitation and the temperature is below 39° Fahrenheit. Installing a radiant heated driveway not only eliminates the time consuming, arduous task of manual snow removal, but enhances safety and increases the value of your property. ProLine Radiant carries industry leading electric heated driveway systems that come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your driveway’s layout.

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