Heat Stop 50 – Heat Stop II

These dry-mix refractory mortars are made from high temperature cements and carefully selected aggregates that will not expand or tear the mortar apart when heated. Once dried, these products are non-water soluble and more acid resistant than any other type of product used in these applications.

  • HEAT STOP-II is provided in a 10 lb. pail only.
  • HEAT STOP-50 is provided in a 50 lb. bag only.

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  • For estimating purposes approximately 50 lbs. will lay up 100 firebricks (2 ½ inch thick) if joint thickness is 1/16 to 1/8 inch as recommended.
  • Joint thickness up to 1/2 inch is acceptable with this product and is quite common.
  • Add clean water (approximately 3/4 to 1 quart) for each 10 lbs. and mix thoroughly. No other additives required.
  • Cold water works best. Warm water quickens set time. Do not remix or retemper this product as you would with a regular mortar.
  • HEAT STOP-50 (50 lb. bag) yields approximately 60 lbs. of refractory mortar. This is the most economical per pound.
  • Meets and exceeds ASTM C-199, ASTM C-1283, ASTM E-136.
  • Meets and exceeds all local and national building codes including NFPA-211 and International Residential Codes, (1RC) and International Building Code (1BC) and etc.
  • Color with masonry mortar color if desired. Follow color manufacturer’s instructions as if using a regular masonry mortar.
  • Good for applications well over 2,000°F.