Geocel 4600 Adhesive Sealant

4600™ Hybrid Structural Adhesive Sealant

Geocel 4600™ Structural Adhesive Sealant provides a long-lasting waterproof seal on many common building substrates including roofing materials, glass, aluminum, fiber cement board, masonry, and wood. The heavy bodied viscosity of the product, makes it ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications.

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• Flexible-Meets ASTM C 920, class 35
• UV resistant
• Applies in damp or dry conditions
• Paintable with latex-based paints

For Use On

Wood, concrete, metal, glass, tile, brick, asphalt shingles, primed TPO, primed PVC, EPDM, vinyl, skylights, HVAC applications, and other common building substrates