Gator Sealer Stripper

Gator Sealer Stripper is extremely effective for removing sealer from concrete paver or stone. It is a paste, it is easily applied with a brush, or roller. Gator Sealer Stripper is formulated to remain wet and effective over extended periods. Always perform a test area to determine exact reacting time. To use, apply to surfaces with a brush, roller according to test patch results. Once is ready to be removed use power washer to strip surface. Be sure to scrub remaining residue with nylon brush and water. Allow surfaces to air dry before resealing.

  • Removing sealer from concrete paver or stone
  • Rejuvenate concrete paver or stone to their original state
  • Preparing surface to received a new sealer coating
  • Will not burn skin
  • Removes multi layers of sealer in a single application
  • Environmentally responsible: water based
  • Virtually no odor
  • Zero VOC
  • pH neutral – No neutralization necessary
  • Shelf Life of 2 years if container and kept well sealed in a warm, and dry environment.

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Product Retail Size Per Box Per Pallet
GATOR SEALER STRIPPER 3.78 L (1 US gal.) 4 units 24 boxes
GATOR SEALER STRIPPER 18.9 L (5 US gal.) 48 boxes


  • FAQ (Prior use of other cleaners may inhibit performance. Visit Gator Clean FAQ page for cleaning tips.)