Gator Rubber, Paint and Tar Remover

Gator Rubber, Paint and Tar Remover + is effective in removing rubber, paint and tar from the surface of concrete pavers, wet cast & natural stones.

  • Concrete pavers, wet cast and natural stones
  • Washes off with water
  • Easy to use
  • Emulsifies some sealers
  • Remover and cleaner for bonding agent
  • Cleans sealing tools such as sprayer

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Size Per Box Per Pallet
GATOR RUBBER, PAINT & TAR REMOVER + 946 ml (1 QT.) 6 units 24 boxes


  • This product dissolves sealants.
  • Do not let product dry up on paver surface.
  • Wear goggles and rubber gloves.
  • Use at above 60°F (16°C) in dry conditions.
  • FAQ (Prior use of other cleaners may inhibit performance. Visit Gator Clean FAQ page for cleaning tips.)