Gator Nitro Joint Sand

GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND is a ready-to-use mixture of calibrated sand and resins which cure when exposed to air, hardening from top to bottom of the joint *. The product can be installed in wet or dry weather, in joints ranging from a minimum 3/16″ (5 mm) to a maximum 2″ (50 mm) joint width. The minimum joint depth is 1″ (25 mm).

  • Natural and wet cast stones
  • Concrete pavers and slabs
  • Traditional base
  • Permeable or open graded installations
  • Gator Base installations
  • Pedestrian use
  • Patios, pool areas, walkways

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  • Proprietary formula with stronger resins and quick-activating catalysts deliver:
  • 25% More strength
  • 25% Faster setting time
  • Apply rain or shine
  • Traditional applications, Rain safe 18 hours after water activation
  • Works above 37°F (3°C)
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Strength from top to bottom *
  • Permeable **

* Gator Nitro Joint Sand will harden from top to bottom up to 2 3/8″ (60 mm). ** Permeable as installed. If not maintained, permeability will be obstructed over time.

When maintaining the paver surface, apply Gator Shampoo to clean the entire paved surface including the paver joints. Wash, rinse and remove any residue by using a hose and a watering gun set to shower with the normal maximum water pressure from any residential or commercial building (typically 80 psi/550 kPa).

GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND is permeable when installed. However, If not maintained properly, permeability will be obstructed over time. To avoid obstruction in the joints, periodically use a pressure washer to remove all dirt and debris. Wait 28 days after the initial application of GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND before using a pressure washer.


GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND will not cause nor prevent moss, mold or mildew. Moss, mold and mildew are caused by certain on-site conditions including excess moisture, shade, absence of ventilation, inadequate cleaning or maintenance, presence of soil or other organic debris left on the product.

The quantity required depends on the size of the joints. One pail of 40 lb (18.1 kg) will cover: (see graphic below)

Paver or Stone 12″ (30 cm) x 12″ (30 cm) x 2 3/8″ (60 mm)
with joint of 3/16″ (5 mm) to 1″ (25 mm)
Beige Grey Black
3/16″ joint (5 mm) 56 sq. ft. (5.2 sq. m.) 52 sq. ft. (4.8 sq. m.) 47 sq. ft. (4.4 sq. m.)
3/4″ joint (19 mm) 15 sq. ft. (1.4 sq. m.) 13.9 sq. ft. (1.3 sq. m.) 12.9 sq. ft. (1.2 sq. m.)
1″ joint (25 mm) 11.8 sq. ft. (1.1 sq. m.) 10.8 sq. ft. (1 sq. m.) 10 sq. ft. (0.93 sq. m.)

Store outdoors under a covered area, away from direct sun or store indoors at temperatures ranging from -22 to 86°F (-30 to 30°C). Skid of GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND can be double stacked for storage, but not in transport.

Product Size Units per Pallet
GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND – Beige 40 lb (18.1 kg) 48
GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND – Grey 40 lb (18.1 kg) 48
GATOR NITRO JOINT SAND – Black 40 lb (18.1 kg) 48

Gator Nitro Sand 3 pails 768x307 1 1