Gator Base Screws

Fastening Gator Edge with the GATOR BASE SCREWS through the Gator Base reinforces the outside perimeter, creating a strong lateral support. GATOR BASE SCREWS are a required component on any Gator Base install.

  • Fasten the Gator Edge to Gator Base
  • Locking all components into one
  • Use with all Gator Base installation
  • Use with all the Gator Edges: Rigid and Flex, Mini and Tile
  • Reinforces the outside perimeter
  • Creates a strong lateral support
  • Locking all components into one
  • Use GATOR BASE SCREWS to fasten Gator Edge to Gator Base
Product Per package Packages per box
GATOR BASE SCREWS 1/8 LD Hollow Anchor (50 units) 20

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