Fireplace Crane

Achieve an authentic colonial aesthetic and explore an alternative cooking method by employing a fireplace crane with a cast iron pot. This custom-made, hand-forged crane replicates the craftsmanship of Colonial America, complete with a choice of traditional pintles or screw pintles—please specify your preference. While standard pintles are incorporated during brickwork, if your fireplace is already constructed, the crane can be affixed using screw pintles.

Classic Early American “S” hooks and trammels were traditionally hand-forged by the village blacksmith. These tools facilitate the lowering and raising of the cooking pot over the fire, with “S” hooks available in 3″, 5″, and 8″ sizes. When in the short position, the pintles are spaced 18 inches apart.

For optimal sizing, consider a crane that extends slightly more than half the width of the fireplace opening, ensuring both functionality and a visually pleasing arrangement.

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