Diamond Pro® PS Victorian Face

Architects and engineers choose the Diamond Pro® retaining wall system to create flexible, cost effective solutions for a broad range of large commercial, municipal and residential retaining wall projects.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pin system installation method.
  • Large cores for ease in handling.
  • Ease of installation with oversized pin aligning cores.
  • Pin cores allow for multiple batter options.
  • Builds walls in excess of 50 feet when combined with geosynthetic reinforcement.
  • One square foot of wall face per block.
  • Gravity walls can be built up to 4 feet high*, including the buried course, with 7.1 degree batter.
  • Minimum inside radius, measured on the top course to the front of the units: 4 feet.
  • Minimum inside radius, measured on the base course to the front of the units: 6 feet.
  • Setback/System Batter: Near Vertical and 1″/7.10; additional system batter can be created by alternating pin placement on each course of wall.

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