Cultured Stone Veneer

Cultured Stone thin veneer is crafted from a minimum of 54% recycled material, with its origins dating back to 1962. The founders pioneered the use of flexible molds and individually hand-colored each piece with pigments. Utilizing lightweight aggregate materials, Cultured Stone weighs up to 75% less than alternative veneers, eliminating the need for a supporting foundation. The versatility of colors available ensures you’ll discover one that resonates with your taste.

Whether incorporated into interior design elements like fireplaces and kitchen backsplashes or used for exterior accents, choosing Cultured Stone means opting for unparalleled quality from a company that has been at the forefront of innovation for over 50 years.

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Cultured Stone Chardonnay cultured stone echo ridge Cultured Stone Gray Cultured Stone Wolf Creek

Cultured Stone veneer is available in numerous collections, and we’re ready to assist you in obtaining the perfect one for your project.

Chardonnay Collection

Chardonnay Country Ledgestone

The Chardonnay collection is ideal for enhancing exterior spaces, encompassing applications such as fireplaces and residential facades.

Echo Ridge Collection

Echo Ridge Cobblefield

Combining seamlessly with the right accents, the Echo Ridge collection imparts a tranquil and modern aesthetic, adding a soothing touch to your space.

Gray Collection

Gray Cobblefield Boral

The Gray collection offers a timeless color palette, making it a perfect choice for classic houses seeking a traditional and enduring aesthetic.

Wolf Creek Collection

Wolf Creek Country Fieldstone Natural Stone Inc

The Wolf Creek collection exudes a rustic tone, making it an ideal choice for those looking to showcase the beauty of their property. If you’re interested in ordering Cultured Stone veneer from this collection, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Cultured Stone Veneer Specs

ASHLAR Thickness up to 1.5″ Height up to 11 5/8″
Length up to 23 5/8″
~10.5 sqft per box Up to 100 lbs per box
BRICK Thickness up to 3/4″ Height up to 2 5/8″
Length up to 8 3/16″
~10.5 sqft per box Up to 100 lbs per box
FIELDSTONE Thickness up to 2 5/8″ Height up to 14″
Length up to 22″
~10.5 sqft per box Up to 100 lbs per box
LEDGE STONE Thickness up to 2.5″ Height up to 12″
Length up to 20″
~10.5 sqft per box Up to 100 lbs per box
RANDOM ASHLAR Thickness up to 2 5/8″ Height up to 12″
Length up to 20.5″
~10.5 sqft per box Up to 100 lbs per box
ROUNDED Thickness 1-3.5″ Height up to 14″
Length up to 14″
~10.5 sqft per box Up to 100 lbs per box