Colored Mortar


Coloring masonry mortar accurately and uniformly is best achieved by using computer batching systems that dry and preblend all mortar constituents and pigments in a controlled environment. For over 25 years the SPEC MIX organization has utilized this technological process for producing our standard and custom colored mortars and we continue to perfect the system. SPEC MIX Colored Mortar uniformity starts with high quality stable pigments that are pre-weighed to ensure the colorant loading meets each specific formulation.

SPEC MIX quality assurance process includes carefully weighing each mortar ingredient in the batch before all the raw materials are preblended for a specified time to achieve a uniform mixture. When building owners and designers want a unique color that supports their vision for a project, the options for custom SPEC MIX colored mortars are endless and consistent from batch to batch.

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The SPEC MIX® Color Canister System is the perfect way to make colored mortar for any size project and application. From building an interior brick fireplace to pointing the joints around stone veneer units, SPEC MIX Color Canisters allow you to consistently make gray mortar to match the color of your choice. Just pick a color from the SPEC MIX Colored Mortar Channel Kit, then using a jobsite mixer add 1 color canister of the selected pigment to 1 SPEC MIX 80 lb (36.2 kg) bag of gray mortar type M, S or N. and let the materials mix for 5 minutes. Simply follow the “1 Can to 1 Bag” for every batch for total color uniformity every time.

SPEC MIX Color Canisters contain synthetic iron oxide pigments specifically weighed to ensure colored mortar uniformity and consistency when mixed with an 80 lb (36.2 kg) bag of SPEC MIX Masonry Mortars. Each color container is formulated to closely match the representative color in the SPEC MIX Colored Mortar display kit.

SPEC MIX Masonry Mortars are factory preblended for quality and consistency. Each SPEC MIX Color Canister is formulated to be mixed with the SPEC MIX mortars listed below to achieve the specified color.

Portland Lime & Sand Mortar (M, S, N)
Masonry Cement & Sand Mortar (M, S, N)
Mortar Cement & Sand Mortar (M, S, N)
Tuckpoint Mortar
Integral Water Repellent Mortar
Building Stone Mortar
Setting Bed Mortar
Polymer Modified Setting Bed Mortar
Adhered Veneer Mortar
Polymer Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar