Claremont Wall

Complement modern or classic hardscape décor with the crisp chiseled texture of this double-sided stone wall that is ideal for free-standing structures.
  • Crisp, chiseled stone texture is indistinguishable from natural snapped limestone drywall

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Divide, define and decorate your landscape using the Claremont Wall by Nicolock. The Claremont has a chiseled stone texture that looks just like natural limestone drywall. This wall, however, is manufactured in the U.S. The 4-inch tall blocks are linear for easy assembly. Corner stones are available for making sharp turns.

Since the Claremont is double-sided, you can build freestanding structures, too. The horizontal proportions are great for long walls across or around a yard. Vibrant blends such as Bluestone, Mocha and York Brown run throughout the stone to add a crisp style.