BondAll Exterior

BOND ALL EXTERIOR is a water based, exterior/interior grade bonding agent designed to be applied over properly prepared substrates prior to placing new plaster and Portland cement based mixes. When properly applied, Bond All Exterior helps bond plaster and cement based mixes to a variety of structurally sound substrates.

  • Bonds new plaster, concrete, mortar and stucco to a variety of properly prepared surfaces.
  • Bond All Exterior may be applied over masonry, concrete, brick, block, stone, plaster, drywall, wonderboard, pre-cast concrete, wood, tile, EPS board and other structurally sound surfaces.
  • Heavy bodied, won’t sag or run.
  • Re-emulsifiable: wet plaster and cement based mixes may be applied over Bond All Exterior up to seven days later.
  • Non-flammable and VOC compliant.
  • May be applied over “green” concrete.
  • Meets ASTM C-1059

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