Be.On Stone Veneer

Be.On Stone offers a versatile range of products, with four styles and 11 integral colors to suit any structure. The patented D.RAIN system ensures unparalleled moisture protection. Integrated into each interlocking panel, this system effectively channels water through and out of the wall, providing an air gap that eliminates the risk of water damage or mold growth. Be.On Stone’s patented mechanical anchoring system ensures perfect alignment without the need for mortar or grout.

Featuring an intelligent Z-shaped panel, Be.On Stone eliminates the requirement for special corner shapes or sizes and allows for installation in any weather conditions. Backed by a 50-year materials warranty and tested by IAPMO under the most challenging conditions, Be.On Stone provides complete peace of mind for both you and your customers. Approved by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials Report ER_0654) and the CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre Report 14204-R), Be.On Stone has been rigorously tested and meets industry standards.

Be.On Stone’s entire line of products are available at our Charlton & Worcester locations.

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Classic Collection

The timeless aesthetic of natural hand-hewn stone. The performance of Be.On Stone.

Swatch Classic Basalto          Swatch Classic Carbo          Swatch Classic Grapho

Swatch Classic Oslo          Swatch Classic Porto          Swatch Classic Tero

Canyon Collection

The classic mid-century modern aesthetic. The performance of Be.On Stone.
Light or dark, the Canyon collection offers great depth and texture to accentuate your project.

Swatch Canyon Carbo          Swatch Canyon Rialto          Swatch Canyon TERO

Element Collection

The depth and motion of stacked stone. The performance of Be.On Stone.
The dramatic shadow lines of the Element collection make its colors come to life.

Swatch Element Carbo          Swatch Element Oxo

Horizon Collection

A sleek, modern stone aesthetic. The performance of Be.On Stone.

The Horizon collection uses clean, cool colors to make an undeniable statement.

Swatch Horizon Basalto          Swatch Horizon Carbo          Swatch Horizon Grio


Panel Specs:
Minimum thickness: 2 in./5.08 cm
Weight per unit: 20 lbs./9.07 kg
Surface per unit: 2 sq. ft./0.186 sq. m


The D.RAIN System:

An innovative technology for unparalleled performance – only from Be.On Stone.

Integrated into the back of every panel of Be.On Stone, the D.RAIN system automatically blocks and anchors each panel and provides a continuous moisture drainage channel throughout the entire wall.



“Wow! I can’t believe how amazing my house turned out using Be.On Stone. My old façade disappeared when I had my Be.On Stone installed. My husband and I liked the look of our house when we had it built 30 years ago, but over time our house became dated and just plain ugly, not to mention it was damaged by water. Our contractor reassured us that he would be able to provide a face lift on our house that we would love. He showed us the Be.On Stone panels and we knew this was the look we wanted for our house.

The Be.On Stone panels were easy to install as the contractor did not even have to use mortar or glue. They were installed quickly and at a very affordable cost. Our neighbors are now all jealous of our new design and even with a small budget we were able to give our home the look we dreamed of.”


– Lise Lanctôt


“My wife and I were looking for a product to add to our cabin. After doing a lot of research we found the Be.On Stone product at our local building supply store. The look was great, and based on what we saw the installation seemed rather easy. We found a contractor who knew the product very well and he provided us a very affordable quote.



From start to finish we were thrilled with the Be.On Stone product. It met our budget, it was easy to install, and knowing the benefits of the product will keep our cabin free of water and offer a good look makes us feel great. Since we are not at the house all year round it is important to know that the product we chose is protecting our investment.”


– Kevin Pican