Ashlar Tandem™ Wall

Ashlar Tandem is a wall system that creates a unique modular look and can be used in many ways: retaining walls, pillars, double-sided walls, benches and steps. This revolutionary wall replicates the look of natural stone.

Features & Benefits:

  • Distinctive chiseled stone texture manufactured to consistent height tolerances.
  • Build curved or straight walls.
  • Offered in 3 sizes to allow for design versatility and customization.
  • Minimum outside radius of 6′.
  • Freestanding walls up to 28″.
  • Engineered 90corners.
  • Gravity walls up to 3 feetusing a 1/2 inch setback per unit (4 degree system batter)
  • Reinforced walls up to 8 feet.

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