Alta Wall

Add gorgeous functionality to your landscape with this versatile, long-lasting and easy-to-install retaining wall for walkways, patios and gardens.
  • 6″ x 16″ wall face
  • Hard-split rock face texture
  • Rear lip connection system
  • Single-sided wall system
  • Tapered sides
  • 1″ setback per course
  • Grid charts available
  • Hollow core

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The Alta Wall is a beautiful solution for organically partitioning your landscape. This Nicolock retaining wall system uses versatile 6-by-16-inch blocks that are manufactured with their state-of-the-art process. Their single-sided stones feature a hard-split, rock face texture to create functional garden, walkway and hillside walls, underscoring the natural beauty of the landscape. The tapered sides make it easy to build circular patio walls and other curved faces. The hollow core design reduces weight while maintaining structural integrity.

Whether you choose the Nicolock Adobe Blend, Granite City Blend or another fine color, your wall will instantly add beauty to the landscape. Nicolock retaining wall installation is made simple with a rear lip connection system and 1-inch setback. For larger structures, use the Nicolock Alta Pro Wall, which has 8-by-18-inch blocks.