6×12 Fullnose

Build outdoor steps and borders that are both gorgeous and safe with our Fullnose Paving Stones. Their smooth, rounded front edges are ideal for pool coping, steps, wall caps & more.

  • Smooth and rounded edge that gives it a unique and finished look
  • 104 linear feet per pallet

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Add safety and beauty to your hardscape with a pallet of 6-by-12-inch Fullnose Pavers from Nicolock Paving Stones. Fullnose pavers, have a front edge that’s smooth and rounded, unlike the rough pointed edge of many engineered stones. This creates a polished aesthetic that also reduces the risk of injury. Fullnose coping for pools and hot tubs is especially popular for this reason. Nicolock’s Fullnose Pavers also serve as a great cap for steps, garden walls and patio edges.

Nicolock uses state-of-the-art manufacturing to produce consistent, durable Fullnose Paving Stones perfect for your next project. Pool coping will add the finishing touch to any of our paver-shield™ paving stones with a lasting design to enhance the landscape.