4 Course Ashlar

Pangaea’s 4 Course Ashlar form-fitting stone adds depth and drama while maintaining a contemporary feel. Whether featuring the veining of marble, the rugged texture of quartzite, or the uniformity of granite, these large format form-fitting stones will enhance the visual appeal of exterior and interior spaces with elegance and sophistication.


Available Heights: 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″ (≈51, 102, 152, 203 mm)

Length: Up to 24″ (≈610 mm)

Thickness: Average 1” (≈25 mm)

Corners: Available


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Ash          Broadway          Chinook

Ash 4 Course Ashlar                                       Broadway 4 Course Ashlar                           Chinook 4 Course Ashlar

Diamond River          Kings Point          Klondike

Diamond River 4 Course Ashlar                Kings Point 4 Course Ashlar                        Klondike 4 Course Ashlar

Lancaster          Oxford           Providence

Lancaster 4 Course Ashlar                           Oxford 4 Course Ashlar                                  Providence 4 Course Ashlar

Saddleback          Yukon

Saddleback 4 Course Ashlar                        Yukon 4 Course Ashlar