3 Course Ashlar

Ashlar coursing was used extensively in classical architecture in prehistoric Greece and Crete. Bring nobility to your project by adding masonry sophistication, integrity and traditional style.


Length: Up to 16” (406 mm)

Height: Up to 7-3/4” (197 mm)

Thickness: Average 1” (25 mm)

Weight: Up to 13 lbs/ft.² (63 kgs/m²)

Corners: Available


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Ash         Chinook          Diamond River

Ash 3 Course Ashlar                                       Chinook 3 Course Ashlar                              Diamond River 3 Course Ashlar

Klondike          Lancaster          Oxford

Klondike 3 Course Ashlar                            Lancaster 3 Course Ashlar                            Oxford 3 Course Ashlar

Providence          Saddleback          Siena

Providence 3 Course Ashlar                        Saddleback 3 Course Ashlar                        Siena 3 Course Ashlar