Bay Path RVT School

It is the Mission of Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School to facilitate current, integrated, and rigorous academic and technical vocational programs that prepare students for the ever-changing world of employment and post-secondary education; to provide a school culture that meets the diverse needs of our student body for safety and mental wellness; and to foster student confidence, professionalism, and life-long learning skills that will enable them to become contributing members of our communities.


Essex Technical High School

“The mission of Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is to create a culture of academic and technical excellence, encourage continuous intellectual growth, and promote professionalism, determination, and citizenship for all students, as they develop into architects, artisans, and authors of the 21st-century community.

Essex Tech is one of up to 100 schools throughout the country that is being recognized this year by the National Association of ESEA State Program Administrators. The National ESEA Distinguished Schools Program highlights qualifying federally funded schools for making significant improvements for their students. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provides additional resources for vulnerable students and federal grants to state educational agencies to improve the quality of public elementary and secondary education.”


Greater Lowell Tech High School

Greater Lowell Technical High School commits to ensure students’ readiness for career, college, and citizenship in the 21st century. We challenge and support students as they realize their individual potential for personal and professional success.”



“The International Masonry Institute (IMI) is a partnership between members of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) and the contractors who employ them.


We’re here to educate and empower you to build responsibly.


Training The Best Hands In The Business: The International Masonry Training And Education Foundation

BAC craftworkers receive the best training in the business through a network of over 100 state-of-the-art training centers and certified instructors who teach curriculum designed to meet or exceed industry standards.”


Mason Contractors Association of Massachusetts

“For local architects, engineers, owners and developers, Mason Contractors Association of Massachusetts (MCAM) is the go-to resource for all things masonry-related. Whether it’s connecting you with the area’s top mason contractors, or assisting in areas like pricing, design, specialty products, material selection and technical specifications, we’re here to help ensure your success is set in stone.

MCAM union mason contractors provide unmatched expertise at every stage of your project:

  • Initial consultation
  • Assistance with design and engineering planning
  • Construction

Widely recognized as some of the state’s most experienced and highly trained union mason contractors, MCAM members bring a level of professionalism to the job that can be hard to find with open shop contractors. That’s because they’ve worked with virtually every masonry material imaginable, on some of the area’s most technically challenging and iconic masonry structures.

A great resource for architects, engineers, general contractors and property owners, MCAM contractors are knowledgeable in all areas of masonry construction. As a result, they can help you choose the best masonry product for your project, oftentimes saving you money on material costs. They’re also able to ensure you have the latest information on new products, building procedures, technical issues, code updates and industry changes.

MCAM contractors are skilled in new construction, renovations and historical structures. They understand all the technical details that go into creating beautiful structures that stand the test of time, and have applied this knowledge on area projects, including schools, courthouses, fire stations, water treatment plants, apartments, hotels, retail buildings, paving, public parks, monuments, waterproofing, bridges and more.”


Massachusetts Trowel Trades Association

“The Massachusetts Trowel Trades Association, also known as the MTTA, was started in 1998 by the masonry instructors that actively teach in Massachusetts Vocational Schools.

The MTTA was formed to aid and help fund schools’ new and existing programs. Amongst us, we have the entire masonry curriculum that has been aligned with the DOE Frame Works.

We have support of many masonry suppliers around the state whom are very generous with donations which aid in teaching our students.”


Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School

“Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School, located in the gateway city of Fitchburg, MA, is an independent regional vocational-technical school, serving more than 1,400 students from eighteen cities and towns, making Monty Tech the 2nd largest regional school district in the state.

Unlike traditional public high schools, students attending Monty Tech are enrolled in a rigorous academic program of studies and have also selected a vocational program that balances their high school experience. With twenty-one different programs, ranging from Culinary Arts to Plumbing to Health Occupations, our students are challenged everyday to apply what they have learned in both their academic and vocational courses to real-life, real-world work scenarios, effectively preparing our graduates for both college and career pathways.

Over the years, the “Monty Tech” name has become synonymous with innovative career and technical training programs, and exceptional academic programming. Our students perform well on the state’s standardized assessments, while simultaneously earning a variety of industry-recognized credentials.   Students are continually challenged in diverse learning environments, ranging from traditional classroom settings to 21st Century science laboratories to innovative career and technical training shops. Faculty and staff are, likewise, challenged to assess and improve upon curriculum and instruction that will effectively prepare students for a variety of college and career pathways.

In recent years, Monty Tech emerged as a vocational-technical leader in the state, having led efforts to revise the Chapter 74 curriculum frameworks, and deliver statewide training to more than four hundred educators across the Commonwealth. By emphasizing rigor, relevance, and relationships, Monty Tech has successfully developed and delivered meaningful workforce training programs, making a difference in our community, and in the lives of our very talented students and alumni for more than fifty years.”


Shawsheen Valley Technical High School

“At Shawsheen Valley Technical High School, it is our mission to provide a positive learning experience in a safe educational environment that encourages all students to reach their full potential, emphasizes the value of a strong work ethic, and prepares them for adult life in a competitive world.

Shawsheen Valley Technical High School provides rich and varied opportunities for students to demonstrate growth and achievement by delivering the highest level of academic and vocational/technical education. The Shawsheen experience leaves students with an understanding that education is a lifelong, continuous process with many paths to a successful and fulfilling adult life. Recognizing that each student is driven by his or her own unique talents and interests, we offer meaningful vocational instruction that models current industry standards and instills positive occupational and critical thinking skills. With diversity and equality in mind, we encourage non-traditional shop selection and placement. The implementation of rigorous academic programs further supports our goal to deliver a comprehensive educational experience. Shawsheen graduates are poised to succeed in industry and post-secondary education.

Through relevant curriculum, exploration, skill building, and authentic community-based experiences, Shawsheen Valley Technical High School students learn to make informed career choices. Students also learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and value our diverse world, culminating in co-operative employment. Valued traits like problem-solving, time management, and consistent attendance, are among principles we reinforce with students. We continually celebrate student achievement and offer diverse opportunities for students of varying abilities to demonstrate their skills. We recognize the need to assess the varying abilities and capacities of students and adjust innovatively to accommodate those differences.

Shawsheen Valley Technical High School maintains a highly trained faculty and staff who model professional careers and behaviors and engage in professional development opportunities provided by the district. Educators collaborate with industry leaders, advisors, and each other to create a career and technical high school that exceeds national standards and welcomes global competition, while prioritizing our commitment to the regional community. We foster a mutually beneficial relationship between our students and that community, and the district provides resources to support this mission.”


Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School

“The “Whittier Way” is a belief that high school is more than just a diploma. We believe that students need more than a piece of paper after 4 years – they need the skills and knowledge to be college and career ready.

We combine a rigorous academic program with vocational/technical training to provide our students both a strong knowledge base and practical skills to apply on the job and in life.

Whether your goal is to go off to college, take over the family business, or serve our country, the “Whittier Way” prepares you for your future outside of high school in a way no other school can.”

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