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How to Build an Outdoor Bar for Your Backyard

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Entertaining outside is a great way to liven up gatherings and the backyard. Camosse Masonry Supply, Build an Outdoor Bar, MassachusettsDuring the warm months there is no better place to celebrate than outside. The concept of entertaining outside has opened a variety of projects  that you can try at home in order to make the backyard more comfortable and enjoyable for guests. An easy project for easier hosting is to build an outdoor bar. Build an outdoor bar and create convenience for party hosting. When you build an outdoor bar in your backyard, you are opening opportunities to serve and host and enjoy your yard space. An outdoor bar also prevents you as the host from running back and forth from the kitchen to the backyard and vise versa when serving guests. When guests are finished with their drink they can dispose of their drink close by and can continue their mingling without interruption. When you build an outdoor bar, you’re guiding the guests to be in one area, which makes for a pleasurable party.

It doesn’t take much to build an outdoor bar; all you need is brick, mortar, plywood, concrete nails, a lathe, tile, an ice chest, and a weekend to complete the project. When you build an outdoor bar, it’s important to consider the location and layout of the bar. Make sure your location is leveled and is placed within a decent clearing. You don’t want to build an outdoor bar around objects that could get in the way when entertaining such as steps or a path. Provide an open area when you build an outdoor bar so guests can gather. The following article from Yahoo.com explains steps to build an outdoor bar.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar for Your Backyard

These days, many Americans are spending time entertaining outside rather than in their homes. This trend has opened up doors of opportunity when it comes to the many different backyard projects that a homeowner can do. An outdoor bar will not only give you and your guests a place to hang out and have a drink–it will also increase the comfort of your backyard! Here is a step by step guide to building an outdoor bar for your backyard.

Materials Needed to Build an Outdoor Bar:

  • Brick
  • Mortar
  • Plywood
  • Concrete Nails
  • Lathe
  • Tile
  • Ice Chest

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 1: Begin by building the foundation for the outdoor bar. You will need to clear the ground in the area where you are placing the bar and tamp the ground. It is best to build the outdoor bar on a pre-poured slab of concrete which is easy to do on your own if you do not already have a slab of concrete poured.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 2: Using the brick, begin building the foundation of the bar by laying brick in a rectangle shape the width and length of the outdoor bar that you are building. I made a bar that was 8 feet long and 3 feet wide on my back porch.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 3: Continue to lay brick along the bottom and then using mortar, apply a thin layer to the top of the bricks and set the next row of bricks into the mortar in a staggered fashion. The brick joints should be staggered to form a sturdy rectangular base. I suggest stacking the bricks at about 4 feet for the bar. This way it is a bit raised from children and pets but still plenty low enough to reach at a comfortable height.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 4: Cut a piece of plywood that is the size of the rectangle that you created. This will be used for the top of the bar. You should use a saws all to cut a hole out of the plywood that is the size of the ice chest. This way, once you have tiled the bar top you can set the ice chest right in. For a cheap outdoor bar fix, you can use an old stainless steel sink as the ice chest. The drain can even be attached to a piece of pvc that runs out below the bar for easy drainage after a party.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 5: Fasten the plywood to the top of the brick base using concrete nails. After you have attached the plywood, you should use wire lathe to cover the entire outdoor bar top.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 6: Apply a thin layer of thin set mortar to the lathed plywood top using a ½ trowel. Lay tile on the thin set in any design that you choose. Allow tile to set over night before grouting.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 7: Mix sanded grout with water in a bucket to form a milk shake like consistency. Pour the bucket of grout onto the tiled top of the outdoor bar and use a grout float to spread the grout into all of the joints in the tiled top.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 8: Allow grout to set for about 10-15 minutes and then using a grout sponge and water gently wipe away any excess grout that is on the tiled top. Allow grout to set overnight before continuing with the outdoor bar project.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 9: Set the sink or the ice chest into the pre cut hole in the bar top. Use proper fastening to fasten the chest to the bar top. Once you have fastened the chest, use a bead of caulk to seal around the edges.

How to Build an Outdoor Bar Step 10: Enjoy your outdoor bar–stock the bar with glasses and drinks before a big party. Your guests will love the set up and so will you!

This step-by-step process on how to build an outdoor bar is an easy way for you to improve your entertaining space and your home in general. When you build an outdoor bar in your backyard, you provide guests with a comfortable space in which to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Adding features like an outdoor bar can create added value to your property that not only allows it to look good, but creates convenience. Other additions that add value to a backyard include a fireplace, pizza oven, and an outdoor kitchen.

If you have any questions about the necessary materials to build an outdoor bar, kitchen, fireplace, or pizza oven, feel free to contact us. We’d be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. At Camosse Masonry Supply, we have a variety of building materials that can transform your backyard into a comfortable space to relax.