What Are Stone Veneers?

Camosse is a supplier of natural and artificial stone veneers.

We want to provide the most options to our clients, and give them as much variety as possible. Choosing between natural and artificial stone veneers depends on your home’s project. Both types of veneers provide the elegant and grand appearance, but their functionalities are relatively different.

Natural stone veneers bring the tradition and beauty of real stone to your home. Natural stone can withstand the harsh elements of nature, and their appearance will only get better with time. The Stoneyard is a supplier of natural stone veneers, and they agree that choosing natural stone is ideal for outdoor spaces that are exposed to changing weather.

All natural stone veneer is “Real” stone that has been split and sawn to be approximately one (1) inch thick and is used as a wall covering for exterior and interior surfaces. Real Stone has been made by glacial and volcanic activity over millions years which means that the colors on the surface are present throughout the entire stone. This allows the mason to “shape” the stone during the installation process to create the perfect fit and style. Because the stone’s color is contained throughout each piece, this stone will last for many lifetimes and will continue to increase it’s natural beauty as a patina (a surface grown beautiful with age) develops from the sun, wind, rain, ice, heat and cold.

Artificial stone veneers are similar to natural stone veneers, but only in appearance. Artificial veneers are man-made and are ideal for interior spaces, as they do not have the same durability that natural veneers do.

The materials used for artificial stone veneers make them susceptible to fading and chipping. Commonly, artificial stone veneers are used for interior walls, fireplaces, or even small outdoor spaces like pool areas and patios. Real Stone Systems explains more about the benefits of artificial stone veneers.

Man-made stone is a manufactured product that only offers the appearance of natural stone. Made of concrete and dyed with chemicals, man-made stone offers the look of real stone, but does not offer the durability a natural stone veneer . When exposed to the elements, the color of a man-made stone can fade, and the stone itself can decay or crumble. In addition, only the surface of a man-made stone is colored. If the surface of a man-made stone becomes chipped or damaged, the true concrete color of the stone will be revealed.

Moreover, man-made stone is sold in separate pieces that must be individually installed using grout. In contrast, Realstone’s natural Thin stone veneers offer the strength and true colors of real stone – they will not fade or change when chipped or weathered. Best of all, Realstone Systems thin stone veneer panels are composed of a number of individual manufactured or natural stones that have been adhered together to speed installation.

Whether you are choosing natural or artificial, stone veneers can compliment any home’s design. Whether stone veneers are used for interior or exterior spaces, Camosse’s professional masonry services can help you find the right stone veneer product that works for you.

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