Umaco Sealers

The Umaco Sealers and Repellents below are available to order through us at Camosse Masonry Supply.

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An exterior-grade, clear, solvent-based acrylic sealer applied over properly prepared masonry and concrete surfaces. Transeal forms a durable, flexible film which provides long lasting protection. Transeal is available in Clear (Gloss or Matte).

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Transeal WB

An interior/exterior, durable, waterborne acrylic sealer applied over properly prepared masonry and concrete surfaces. Transeal WB is low odor making it an ideal sealer to use for interior applications. Transeal WB is available in Clear (Gloss).

Siloxane 20

An exterior-grade, clear, deep-penetrating, solvent-based water repellent applied over untreated masonry and concrete surfaces.

Paver-Saver Plus

Paver-Saver Plus renews, rejuvenates & decorates faded concrete, concrete pavers, retaining wall block, stucco, brick & natural stone. It can also be used to decorate & protect new concrete surfaces. Paver-Saver Plus is a semi-transparent, penetrating, concrete stain & protective repellent which provides an attractive yet natural looking finish when applied over horizontal & vertical concrete surfaces. Paver-Saver Plus (12 oz bottle) must be mixed with a 1G bottle of Paver-Saver (Clear).

Concrete Cure & Seal

Concrete Cure & Seal is a waterborne acrylic emulsion designed to cure, seal, harden and dustproof new or older concrete substrates. Forms a membrane on new concrete which retains water, allowing normal hydration. Contains no fillers, extenders, waxes or flammable solvents

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Siloxane WB

Siloxane WB is a clear, water based, deep penetrating water repellent designed to be applied over untreated concrete pavers, brick, block, concrete, stucco and natural stone. Breathable, protects without forming a film or leaving a sheen. May be used for vertical and horizontal applications.