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Umaco products have been widely used and trusted by Professional Contractors for over 50 years. Umaco manufactures a full line of concrete patching & repair products, masonry waterproofing products, acrylic admixtures & bonding agents, flooring underlayments & resurfacers, decorative masonry & concrete coatings, stucco systems and polyurethane coatings. We pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality products at very competitive prices with service and technical support second to none.



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Admixtures, Bonding Agents & Additives

Add Mix21          Add Mix35        Bond All

Cold Check         Bond All          Add Mix-35 

Patching, Repair, Plug & Anchoring

         U Patch       

 Tite Rock          U-Plug  

Sealers and Protectors

Transeal                  Siloxane 12

 Siloxane 20           Siloxane WB

Transeal WB 

Cements and Mortars

Manufactured Stone Mortar

Surface Bonding Cement        Styrocoa   Non-Shrink Grout


 Finish-Coat Stucco System

        Elastoflex      Melt & Grip   

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