ProForno Brick Pizza Oven

We know brick oven pizza tastes better. With the Proforno brick pizza ovens your pizza will be ready within minutes. Start a small fire in the back of the oven. Get the oven up to temp, and stick your favorite pizza in to cook!

The manufacturer recommends a curing process before you use your new oven. This will help your oven run for years without issues. We recommend covering your oven in between uses, make sure you let it cool down first though!

Each oven has a 2 year limited warranty.


The ProForno brick pizza oven is perfect for any home. They mesh beautifully with a stone, paver, or brick patio. Perfect for any outdoor get together, and using them is as simple as (pizza) pie. We all know that brick oven pizza tastes better, so why not enjoy it in the comfort of your own home? Smoke, roast, grill or bake your favorite meats, pizza, or vegetables with ease. ProForno recommends a curing process before you start enjoying your new oven.

All ProForno ovens are covered under a 2 year limited warranty. They heat up to 1000*F , although we recommend keeping it well under this temp. They are handmade in Portugal and are high performance wood fired pizza ovens.

ProForno Dymus

proforno pizza oven dymus

The Dymus has a large iron door that keeps your oven warm longer! It’s a large pizza oven with a painted finish that will last for years.

ProForno Mediterranean Pro

wood fire brick oven

The ProForno Mediterranean Pro is the largest pizza oven. Large enough to fit an entire cow! (not really). This wood fired brick oven is perfect for family get togethers, or the true outdoor foodie.

ProForno Rustico

Rustico Pizza

The Rustico is a beautiful brick veneered oven. Perfect for a small family, you will love the fit and finish of this pizza oven. Once warm it takes only 5 minutes to fully cook a pizza! Imagine that!

ProForno Tuscano

tuscano oven

The Tuscano is built with a stone veneer. It looks super clean and would fit any outdoor kitchen with a veneer island.

ProForno Tonió


As far as portable pizza ovens go, the Tonio is top shelf. Weighing in at 375 lbs, this is easily transported in the back of an SUV or truck. Move your favorite pizza oven all over your outdoor kitchen. With a painted finish, the Tonió will last for years to come.

ProForno Accessories

Proforno Oven Accessories

We can order any of the accessories ProForno offers. They have Pizza cutters, fire bellows, pizza oven covers, roasting spits, grill racks, and oven tools. All are high quality and built to last a long time.

Call us today or stop by the shop to check out our selection of brick ovens!

ProForno Brick Pizza Oven Technical Specs

Pizza Oven External (WxHxD) Internal Chimney (WxH) Weight
Dymus 40″ x 31″ x 40″ 30″ x 19″ x 30″ 5.5″ x 6″ 1400 lbs
Mediterranean Pro 43″ x 31″ x 43″ 30″ Diameter 7″ Diameter 1145 lbs
Rustico 40″ x 31″ x  40″ 30″ x 19″ x 30″ 5.5″ x 6″ 1400 lbs
Tuscano 40″ x 31″ x  40″ 30″ Diameter 5.5″ x 6″ 1400 lbs
Tonio 37″ x 20″ x 37″ 28″ Diameter 5″ Diameter 375 lbs

Weights and dimensions are approximate, every oven is handmade and varies slightly.