Primo Grills

Primo grills started in 1996, established in a small 700 sqft space. Manufacturing 2 grills at a time, they were driven across town to a kiln to have them fired. In 2002 the patented oval shape was discovered. It offers greater cooking versatility and efficiency.

We offer both the grills and accessories at Camosse. Call or stop by one of our showrooms to order one of your own.

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Primo grills and accessories make for the perfect backyard set up. With the pizza baking stone you can cook a pizza in minutes without needing a pizza oven. It costs less than a pizza oven, with greater usability.

Primo Grills

These grills are made to last. Featuring a patented oval design, the ceramic insulates extremely well. They cook quickly, and look beautiful.

X-Large Charcoal Primo

xl specs

The most popular Primo ceramic grill. With the largest cooking area, it features the patented oval shape. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food.

Add your favorite accessories or build it directly into an outdoor kitchen!

X-Large Gas Grill

Primo Grills Gas Grill specs

The X-Large gas grill integrates premium ceramic into a gas grill. The ceramic is an amazing insulator and retains more heat than a traditional metal grill.

Stainless steel cooking grates, burners, flavor grids and exterior components. These grills are built for years of use, and are perfect for backyard parties!

XL Charcoal – Jack Daniel’s

jack daniels specs Primo Grills

Primo’s most popular grill is back with the Jack Daniel’s edition. Providing the largest cooking area the patented oval shape brings amazing efficiency and accessibility.

We can order your favorite accessories and configure the grill to your liking.

Large Charcoal Primo

large specs

A large charcoal Primo is perfect for cooking for large groups, or a large family. You can grill, bake, roast or smoke any foods.

We can add on any of the Primo accessories, and we deliver as well!

Junior Charcoal Primo

Junior Specs

The Junior charcoal Primo is the largest portable grill and offers a slightly smaller cooking area. Perfect for a porch or tail gaiting. Weighing 52 pounds less than the large option, it is a much more manageable grill.

We recommend checking out the stands, tables, and grate lifter accessories.

Round Charcoal Primo

Round Specs

Weighing in at 200 pounds, the Round Charcoal Primo is a very traditional grill. We love

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Primo Grills Accessories

The Primo Grill accessories help you create the perfect outdoor grilling space. A variety of carts, tables, and tools are available. Grab cookware to increase the versatility of your grill.


Primo Grill Carts

Primo Carts, grill cradles, and island toppers are the perfect parts for your grilling professional.


Primo Cookware

Primo deflector plates, pizza stones, roasters, cast iron griddles and iron grates make cooking, roasting, and baking food easy!


Primo Grill Covers

Primo grill covers will extend the life of your favorite Primo Grills.


Primo Grill Tables

Primo handmade tables and countertop tables make it easy to become an at home chef.

Tools & Utensils

Primo Tools and Utensils

Primo grills and utensils will make your grilling life easy. Rib racks, thermometers, grate cleaning bar, ash tool, and grate & rack lifter will all make your grill easier to enjoy.

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