Industria Triangle Polished

This modern triangle-shaped paver, available in five alluring colors, is sure to become a popular choice amongst homeowners looking to boost their curb appeal or up their backyard landscape. The Industria Triangle’s basic yet bold shape opens the door to endless design possibilities: from classic linear patterns to more eclectic mosaics, your outdoor space will surely take center stage. The Industria Triangle paver in the polished finish allows aggregates within the stone to show through below the surface, bringing the speckled look of terrazzo outdoors for a touch of luxury. This contemporary paver’s unique shape will give any project a modern and exclusive appearance. Industria Triangle’s modular shape also make it the perfect complement to any of the 16 sizes other available within the Industria collection. Mix and match textures (Smooth, Granitex, Polished) and colors to create grid, linear and modular motifs, or use them for decorative bandings in driveway, walkway and backyard patio designs. No matter the use, you can rest easy knowing that the design you poured your heart into will stand the test of time.

For color selection and layouts please visit the Techo-Bloc website.

industria hd2 triangle paver polished beige cream