Glen-Gery Brick

Glen-Gery was founded in 1890 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. They are one of the nation’s largest brick manufacturers. With over 600 styles of brick, Glen-Gery has become an industry leader. They produce extruded brick, molded brick, glazed brick, klaycoat brick, thin brick, and brick pavers.

Glen-Gery brick is sold in many styles and colors including

Glen-Gery 52DD Glen Gery 53DD Glen-Gery 56DD Brick
Glen Gery Bayhill Glen-Gery Heritage SWB Glen-Gery Old Mystic


52ddGlen-Gery’s 52DD is a solid choice for structural integrity.

52-DD is a solid brick paver.


53ddThe 53DD is perfect for structural builds that also need a great face. The face of the brick looks amazing, and looks great in a dry stack.

53-DD is stock in both a solid brick paver and thin brick.


56dd56DD is another great choice for structural integrity.

56-DD is stocked as a solid brick paver.


BayhillWith a unique coloration Bayhill is very popular as veneer on houses.

Bayhill comes as thin brick.

Heritage SWB

HeritageBlack accents and vintage vibes go perfectly with Heritage. Every vintage project needs a good brick and Heritage is perfect if you have metal or black accents.

Heritage SWB comes in cored brick.

Old Mystic

Old Mystic

Rebirth of Redland Old Mystic. As Redland was acquired by Glen Gery they did their best to preserve one of the most popular patterns of brick.

Old Mystic comes as cored brick.

Click here to view the whole Glen-Gery catalog, or Call Camosse today to request a quote. We have the ability to order any of their brick. We carry the popular styles and usually have a couple pallets in stock. Sold by the pallet or per brick.