Glen-Gery Brick

Glen-Gery was founded in 1890 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. They are one of the nation’s largest brick manufacturers. With over 600 styles of brick, Glen-Gery has become an industry leader. They produce extruded brick, molded brick, glazed brick, klaycoat brick, thin brick, and brick pavers.

Glen-Gery brick is sold in many styles and colors including

Glen-Gery 52DD Glen Gery 53DD Glen-Gery 56DD Brick
Glen Gery Bayhill Glen-Gery Heritage SWB Glen-Gery Old Mystic













Glen-Gery’s 52-DD is a great choice for structural integrity. 52-DD is a solid brick.


53ddThe 53-DD has a full range of color. Burnt Reds are irregularly mixed with darker tones. The soft edges of the 53-DD present a worn finish. 53-DD is stock in both a solid brick and thin brick.


56ddThe color  range of the 56-DD is a solid orange traditional brick tone. The face of this brick has the molded textures and soft edges. This brick is available in modular (7-5/8″) or standard (8″) for any project. We find many customers using this in restoration projects and when matching old brick installations. 56-DD is stocked as a solid brick paver.


BayhillWith a unique range of color the Bayhill is very popular as a veneer on both modern and traditional homes. This brick is a white finish applied over a red clay brick. The effect are of a white wash and hues of the brick color are apparent.  The face of this brick is textured and has slight impressions and distressed edges. Bayhill is also available as a thin brick.


Click here to view the whole Glen-Gery catalog, or Call Camosse today to request a quote. We have the ability to order any of their brick. We carry the popular styles and usually have a couple pallets in stock. Sold by the pallet or per brick.