General Shale Thin Brick

Driven by innovation that is modern and future-oriented, General Shale brick set the standard for safety and eco-friendly products. They are one of North America’s largest brick and concrete block manufacturers.

General Shale offers an endless array of product colors, sizes, and textures so you can always find the right brick.

Their goal is to push sustainability in an industry where the brick lifecycle is near 100 years. They recycle nearly 273 tons of material per year

Established in 1928.


General Shale brick manufacturers some of the best thin brick in the industry. We can order anything from their thin brick catalog.

Carriagehouse General Shale City Hall English Pub
Peppermill schoolhouse Trainstation Thin brick

Carriage House


Carriagehouse thin brick is full of sophistication and elegance. It has a fresh natural expression so the look of stone has a rich blend of golden brown color adds a homey feel to any interior design.

Manufactured in the Denver CO plant.

City Hall


Unique and warm the Cityhall thin brick offers a toasted buff tone. Almost a sandalwood color, this Chicago style brick is beautiful. They grey finishes will add organic colors and textures to any room.

Manufactured in the Denver CO plant.

English Pub

General Shale EnglishPub thin Brick

English Pub is a hand-crafted thin brick that is specially blended to bring an old world feel. Perfect for bar interiors, it has a deep blend of Sienna and Copper. This creates a unique and sensible finish.

Manufactured in the Denver CO plant.


Peppermill brick

Peppermill thin brick has a beautiful rich red and golden patina mix so you walls become works of art. The added wheat sand colors create a unique design element to any arrangement.

Manufactured in the Denver CO plant.


Schoolhouse thin brick

A historical brick that brings longevity with it. A timeless look of rich red tones that bring academic excellence.

Manufactured in the  Denver CO plant.

Train Station


The most popular General Shale thin brick we carry.

The rich nickel and burnt red accents so your interior design is charming and welcoming. Trainstation thin brick has complimenting key design elements and endless possibilities.

Manufactured in the  Denver CO plant.

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