Double Flame Smoke Less Firepit

Smoke Less means less smoke. We do not want our customers to be confused on the definition of Smoke less, as it DOES NOT mean SMOKE-FREE. The firepits will still produce some smoke, but the overall amount of smoke produced is significantly less than a conventional firepit.

At a normal campfire someone is usually running around because of the smoke. BUT, with one of Breeo’s fire pits (and a correct fire), NOBODY will need to move all week end long!

The firepits are made from cold-rolled American steel. Most of the accessories used for cooking are stainless steel.

Ablaze, Zentro and Luxeve come with a 3 year warranty, paint excluded.
Double Flame comes with a 1 year warranty, paint excluded.

All of the firepits work great for marshmellows and hotdogs, but then Ablaze and Zentro are designed for heavy duty grilling and cooking. Double Flame is designed for lesser quantity cooking when out camping.

How it Works

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