Blaze Grills

Blaze Grills shares the passion of grilling with every customer they help. Their dream is to create the perfect outdoor living spaces. Whether you feed your neighborhood, or just cook for yourself, Blaze Grills has the perfect BBQ grill for you. They have a solid warranty, and back up their products. They work extremely hard to bring luxury outdoor living, affordably.

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The LTE line of Blaze Grills feature removable heat zone separators, heavy-duty 9mm cooking rods, Push N’ Turn primary ignition with a backup flash tube. Made of 304 stainless steel with commercial grade stainless steel burners. Perforated flame stabilizing guards minimize flare ups. The LTE is standard with the sexy red lights upgrade and internal halogen lighting system. The lighting system is perfect for grilling at night!

The LTE lineup has commercial style grills perfect for outdoor grilling. They have a 1 year ignition system warranty. There is a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for the main components. Blaze strongly recommends registering your grill within 30 days of purchase so that it is covered within their warranty.

View their full Product Catalog

Blaze 4-Burner LTE Gas Grill

Blaze grills 4 burner LTE min

Featuring 4 stainless steel burners, this is perfect for families. The integrated interior lights are bright, so you can see what you’re doing at night. Don’t forget about the full sized drip pan so you don’t have any spillover!

Blaze 5-Burner LTE Gas Grill

Blaze grills 5 burner LTE min


Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Blaze Beverage Center min 1

The Blaze Beverage center has a faucet, bottle opener, cutting board, soap dispenser, towel holder, ice bin and condiment tray. The ice bin has draining holes so you don’t have to empty water out of it.

Cabinetry, propane cabinet

Grill island cabinetry can store an amazing amount of accessories. With doors that seal reliably, they keep all of your tools nice and dry. They are quality, so they are built to last. They are very quiet and the action is smooth as silk. The single panel stores a propane cylinder perfectly.

Grill Island refridgerator

Refrigeration is extremely convenient for an outdoor kitchen. Keep all of your drinks and condiments cold. It can be built straight into your grill island so you don’t need to leave the party.

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