Our friends at Nicolock have written an excellent article which explains the pros and cons of using propane versus natural gas for your outdoor fire pit, offering valuable insights to help you choose the best option for your outdoor space. We’re excited to share this resource with you, as it can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences, significantly enhancing your outdoor living experience in the process.

Outdoor fire pits typically burn one of two fuels: wood or gas. If you’ve chosen the latter for your outdoor fire pit, you’ll have the option of either natural gas or propane. Both offer distinct advantages and both are a great choice for your outdoor living area, so how do you decide? Before you pick, let Nicolock Paving Stones walk you through the differences between propane and natural gas to help you choose the right option for your outdoor fire pit.


The biggest advantage of a propane fire pit is that the fuel is portable. Propane may be sold in refillable tanks, making it convenient and portable. The smaller tanks are perfect for fire pits located out in your yard and because the tanks are smaller, they can usually be concealed within the fire pit itself, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Some key benefits of choosing propane include:

  • Portability – Propane sold in small tanks is easily transported and stored, so you can connect and disconnect it to your fire pit as needed or store it in a secure location during inclement weather.
  • Easy to Use – Portable propane tanks are designed to be easy to install and easy to use. Simply connect the tank to your fire pit using a flexible gas line or hose.
  • Self-Contained – Propane tanks are self-contained and are completely separate from your home’s utilities. That means you won’t need access to electricity to use it, nor will you need to hire a professional to connect your fire pit.
  • Instant Ignition – Propane fire pits ignite instantly and start producing heat immediately, so creating a cozy fire is as simple as pressing a button.
Natural Gas

Like propane, natural gas is clean burning and doesn’t produce any solid waste, so it’s easier and more convenient to use than wood. Natural gas is supplied by a line that’s connected directly to your home arm a municipal source. The lines may be buried for aesthetics and protection. The key benefits of choosing natural gas include:

  • Never Run Out of Fuel – Because natural gas is delivered through a municipal connection, you’ll enjoy a continuous supply of gas without having to transport or refill any tanks.
  • Zero Storage – Because natural gas is a utility, you don’t need to store extra. There are no tanks and you never have to worry about securing your supply of natural gas during inclement weather.
  • Cost Efficient – Natural gas is one of the most affordable fuel sources available. While the installation will be higher than propane, the gas itself typically costs less per unit. Maintenance is also minimal, saving even more.
  • Eco-Friendly – Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, producing few emissions when burned.
How to Choose the Right Fuel

When deciding between natural gas and propane for your outdoor fire pit, choosing the right fuel can be as easy as availability. If natural gas isn’t available at your location, propane is your only other gas-fueled option. If both are available, consider your budget, installation costs, how you plan to use the gas fire pit and whether or not being able to move the fire pit is important.

While both propane and natural gas offer distinct advantages, the one that’s right for you will depend largely on your specific circumstances. From portability to supply and cost efficiency, taking into consideration all of the various factors will ensure the best outcome and cozy fireside gatherings for years to come.


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