May 2018 Granite Mailbox Post Give Away

Rules and Regulations


A Granite Mailbox post will be given free to any Retail customer who purchases four hundred square feet or more of concrete pavers or slabs or two hundred square feet of a segmental block concrete retaining wall.

*The Granite Mailbox post is a 6”x6”x7’ granite post with a Rockface finish, pre-drilled, with a mailbox and metal bracket of your choice.

**Concrete Pavers or Retaining wall is any product manufactured by Tech-Bloc, Genest Concrete Products, or Belgard and classified as a paver or slab or a concrete segmental retaining wall block.

Delivery is not included. A pallet deposit may be required.

If delivered, the Granite Post must be delivered on same vehicle as pavers or wall system.

The is no substitution for the Granite post, bracket, or mailbox as a giveaway.

This offer has no monetary value and may not be credited against any other product purchase.

This offer is available with Retail Purchase Only.

Product must be purchased in May 2018 but may be delivered later.

This giveaway does not apply to any purchase before May 1, 2018.

Only one Mailbox post per family or delivery address. Installation is not included.

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