Fire Pit vs. Fireplace

You’ve got the patio of your dreams… an extension of beautiful pavers, a brand new patio set, and plants galore. But that extra spark is missing (pun definitely intended) – an outdoor hearth. Deciding to have a source of both heat and entertainment for your outdoor living area is easy, but the decision of ‘fire pit vs. fireplace’ is definitely more of a difficult choice.


While both fire pits and fireplaces are a great addition to your outdoor living space, there are benefits to both that you may not have even considered. If you’re trying to choose between a fire pit and a fireplace, then take a look at this article from to decide which is more appropriate for you and your outdoor living area.

Fire Pit vs. Fireplace

Selecting the right hearth for your outdoor living area

Deciding between a fire pit and fireplace is an important decision when creating an outdoor room. Both features extend the enjoyment of an outdoor living area by providing warmth, light, and relaxation. However, they have important differences that should be considered. Answer the questions below to find out which hearth style best suits you and your space.

1. How many people would you like your fire feature to accommodate?

1-4: A fireplace is perfect for just a few people. It provides romantic ambiance and encourages intimate conversation.

5 or more: A fire pit is ideal for entertaining a group. It provides 360 degrees of enjoyment and a campfire like environment.

2. Which best describes the overall mood you are trying to create in your outdoor living space?

Intimate: A fireplace will create a cozy, romantic feeling.

Social: A fire pit will encourage storytelling, laughter and s’more eating.

3. Does your property have a view you would like to take advantage of?

Yes: A fire pit is low to the ground, and won’t draw away from an amazing view. Position the fire pit in a place where the view can be enjoyed.

No: A fireplace has height and mass, and will become a focal point in your space. Decorative elements such as a hearth and mantel can be added.

4. Is your property affected by wind?

Yes: A fireplace is enclosed, making it easy to light even in windy conditions. Additionally, a fireplace can serve as a wind break that will protect guests.

No: A fire pit is open and the flames can be more easily enjoyed. However, it will be difficult to light and enjoy in windy conditions.

5. Does smoke make it hard for you to enjoy a fire, or do you feel nervous or unsafe around an open flame?

Yes: A fireplace directs smoke up and away from guests and is much less likely to produce flying embers.

No: A fire pit is a great option, but be sure to think safety first. Always be aware when enjoying a fire outdoors.

Be it a fireplace or a fire pit, the choice is ultimately yours. However, we hope that this article provided some further insight and knowledge in order to help you choose which is more appropriate for you. Camosse Masonry Supply, located in central Massachusetts, has a selection of both outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits to choose from. If you are still contemplating whether a fireplace or a fire pit is more suitable for you or have any further questions, please give us a call.


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